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The official currency in Hungary is the forint - abbreviated to HUF. 1 Forint was previously divided into 100 filler, although filler coins are no longer in circulation. The Hungarian National Bank is the issuer of the forint and has been since its introduction in 1946. The introduction of the HUF was one of the most important post-war steps to stabilise the Hungarian economy. As Hungary is a member of the European Union, the Hungarian government’s long-term plan is to replace the forint with the euro; however a set date has not yet been determined for this transition.
Currency Information
Currency: Hungarian Forint
Currency code: HUF
Currency symbol: Ft
Bank notes: Ft 500, Ft 1000, Ft 2000, Ft 5000, Ft 10000, Ft 20000
Coins: Ft 5, Ft 10, Ft 20, Ft 50, Ft 100, Ft 200
Daily Cost
Three-course meal for 2, mid-range restaurant 8600 Forint
One-way ticket for local transport 350 Forint
Bottle of water 220 Forint

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